The Little Delights of Kyoto, Brought to You

The millennial capital Kyoto,

A place where Japanese tradition breathes,

Where new traditions are born.

We want to share with you a marvelous gift,

The breath of this city.

We present to you our collection of Kyoto’s finest


Shop Information

  • New Miyako Hotel Shop
  • Westin Miyako Hotel Shop
  • Narita Tobu Hotel Airport Shop
  • Kansai International Airport Shop


  • Japanese Modern
  • Kyoto Brand
  • Beauty Goods
  • Life Style
  • Traditional Handicraft
  • Food Gifts
  • Experience


Bringing Kyoto’s finest closer to you

The Kyoto Craft Mart philosophy is, that we (Amita Inc.) use our knowhow acquired through many years of experience of providing a wide arrange of services to customers within Japan and abroad, to bring Japan’s finest and Kyoto’s finest to our customers. From this thought, our Japanese Gift Selection Shop was born.

Kyoto is home to many traditions which go more than a thousand years back and are still alive today. These traditions, developed over many years, are a splendid, wonderful thing.